My apologies...

I apologize that I am just writing to you now, almost four years later, to express my sincere thanks and gratitude for all of the assistance you provided in creating an absolutely stunning resume that has helped me land two jobs since I last spoke to you. I have realized that I am more confident in front of employers now too when I am interviewing, your coaching really helped me understand a whole new side of what's gong on and what I have to do make the right impression.

If you ever need a reference let me know--I always tell people to use your services when I learn that they are out of work!

Have a safe and happy holiday, and many, many, many thanks!


         Michelle R.




Thank you!...

Thank you Matt! It is not often in today's world that you find somebody that is willing to help somebody just to help them! It looks great and I am sure it will be very effective.

Thanks again and have a great weekend!


         Bryan G.

         Milwaukee, WI



Good News!

I wanted to thank you for all of your help and to let you know that I got offers from both (local global software solutions company) and (local $15B Fortune 500 company).

Funny how things happen—after months of no call-backs or interviews, I find myself with two great opportunities at the same time and get employment offers from both. I guess that is a good problem to have!

Again, thank you for all the help and good luck in 2009.


         Nicole H.




For success in today's ever-so-challenging job market, those in the job search must seek out and utilize every possible advantage at their disposal. 

Matt Garley truly understands the employment industry from the inside out and through his Competitive Edge 360 Solutions provides career professionals the tools, knowledge and insider-insights that can give them a serious competitive advantage in any job market.


         Gary K.

         Senior Information Technology Recruiter & Client Relationship Manager



I recommend Matt and The Competitive Edge 360 Advantage Programs without hesitation; his methodologies are well researched, have been proven through years of real-world experiences and represent the recruitment industries best practices (and then some).

In founding Careers Success Advisors, Matt Garley comes well prepared to deliver on the promise to provide unique and critical information to his clients that without doubt, will help in landing a new job.


          Jim B.

          Senior Recruitment Professional



The “job search” or search for the perfect job is often an overwhelming process for those who are new to the job market or who suddenly find themselves unemployed after significant time spent with a single employer. Matt understands this and his many years in the recruitment profession enable him to provide job candidates with a clear vision of how to successfully navigate the employment processes of any company.

His employment expertise and his willingness to share it with motivated job candidates through Career Success Advisors can not only produce the desired employments results but can also assist the newly employed in advancing their careers with their new employer.


          Kari K.

          Human Resources Professional



I am taking this opportunity to write to you and let you know how pleased I am to have worked with Matt Garley and Recruitment Executives. As a long time contractor I have gone thru the recruitment process countless times and have always found the experience to be tedious and painstaking. So when I decided to look for full time opportunities I was expecting the same kind hassle. That is when I came in contact with Matt and Recruitment Executives.

The communications, professionalism, and follow-up were a refreshing change from other organizations I have worked with. It was apparent from the start that I was working with an experienced recruiter who was passionate about his work, and who truly cared about the people he was working with. Even though I know Matt had many candidates he was placing at the same time I always felt like I was the only one.


          John L.

          Senior Technical .NET Architect



I really appreciate Recruitment Executives for placing me in my current position. This is the best organization that I ever have worked with. It is really great pleasure working with experienced recruiters who are very professional and truly care about the people they work with. I especially would like to thank Matt Garley for all his dedicated work.






Recruitment Executives represents an outstanding example of a recruitment agency that considers the whole person when making candidate recommendations. I've had multiple experiences with recruiters, but Matt Garley's approach to my placement was completely different. His careful consideration of my combination of skills and personal approach to negotiations resulted in an excellent fit and happy results for both me and the organization.


          Linda T.

          Instructional Designer



I would like to take this opportunity to thank Matt Garley and Recruitment Executives for their assistance in placing me in my current position. From the first phone call through the first day on the job, it was truly a pleasure working with Matt. He always followed up with prompt and detailed answers to my questions. His industry knowledge, professionalism and communication skills are of the highest caliber.

I highly recommend Matt Garley and Recruitment Executives and I would definitely work with them again, should the need arise.


          Joseph B.




The thing that made me appreciate working with Matt Garley was his participation in the negotiation process. He understood my needs and requirements, yet at the same time, represented the best interests of the company that hired me.

Matt communicated effectively with all parties throughout the interview process and acted as a facilitator, ensuring that there were no miscommunications or misunderstandings that might otherwise derail a positive outcome. I am happy to say that the resulting outcome was the proverbial “win-win” for everyone involved.


          Kevin T.




As a Data Warehouse Product Manager for a large software development firm for almost ten years, I found myself a little out of touch with the current information technology job market. When I was contacted by Recruitment Executives I immediately found myself in a comfort zone as Matt made me feel that I was the client verses the company that had retained him for the search.

I appreciate the provided insight and consideration regarding my situation, the efforts that were made to inform me of the company and position responsibilities, and the personalized attention in preparing for the interviews. I was kept extremely well informed throughout the entire process and I was pleased to accept the offer letter I received from the organization he represented.


          Michelle R.

          Product Manager



Matt Garley did an excellent job finding very high quality candidates to fill positions at my firm, he has excellent intuition which enables him to find candidates even for the most specialized positions.  He represents the highest level of professionalism at all times and is a pleasure to work with.


          Karen L.

          Assistant Vice President, National Data Analytics/Risk Management Firm



Matt is one of the few recruitment professionals out there who truly “gets it”. He is a consummate no-nonsense performer, who says what he is going to do and delivers on the promise. A low-maintenance, point-and-shoot recruiter who gets it done across the board from tech, to finance, to sales, to management—all with an outstanding submittal-interview-hire ratio.

When I need extra bandwidth to knock-down my open positions list or to do some low-risk stealth recruiting for a specialty requisition, I make one call to Matt.

To sum it up: "He gets it done".


          Patrick B.




Matt's experience and professionalism set him apart from the masses in the world of information technology.


          Josh H.




I have been privileged to know Matt Garley for nearly 10 years; he has the visionary ability to place the right people, at the right time, on the right projects. Matt’s business ethics are unimpeachable and commitment to customer satisfaction is unwavering—rare qualities in any industry.

Matt Garley should be your first point of contact whether you are needing high caliber talent, developing a staffing strategy or seeking your next employment opportunity.


          Tim H.

          Senior Managing Consultant



Matt Garley is a consummate recruiting professional with superb skills and expertise. He's meticulous in his approach to search and discovery of high quality candidates and has developed an outstanding process for matching these candidates to his clients' business requirements. He also is extremely proficient at the development of business relationships and working with clients to clearly understand their requirements and provide to them candidates that can be effective immediately in the clients' business environments. He is a great team player but also has a great work ethic and knows how to work autonomously to meet his clients' expectations and targets.


          Mark B.

          Business Development Manager/Senior Account Manager



I was introduced to Matt Garley during a free job-seekers seminar prior to the formal launch of Career Success Advisors, LLC.  At the outset he made it very clear that the seminar was not meant to be a sales pitch but rather it was being presented in the spirit of giving back to the community and helping others—he was true to his word.

Matt’s thought provoking presentation, which was based on his years of employment industry experience, was dynamic and well received; but most of all it was highly relevant and beneficial to the entire group.

Not only is Matt an experienced, sincere, motivated and results oriented professional; he is able to communicate his expertise and knowledge in a highly functional and easy to understand manner.



          Certified Public Accountant